Heading Back to Tokyo

“Application Successful”

I couldn’t quite believe it when I checked my email. Despite the odds, I was lucky enough to get one of the lottery positions for non-residents in the 2020 Tokyo Marathon. 

It’ll have been 2 years since I was last in Tokyo for a quick layover before a 2 week EMBA trip to China. An epic almost-two-days where we ignored jet lag and fit as much Japan in as we possibly could. Time has flown since and I’m eager to get back. Tokyo was a primer for what was to come through the rest of our trip. I miss the energy and I’m eager to dive into the culture again, all while hopefully, posting a respectable time for the race.

2014 was my last marathon. I’ve run a few races since and maintained a decent base, but I’m a long way off from the physical form that powered that 2014 3:38 finish. Somewhat disappointingly, I had hoped to run the race with a pair of good friends that currently live in Japan, but thanks to the luck of the draw, it’s just me in the race as of now. I’m not in the worst shape of my life, far from it, but that said, to post a respectable marathon time, I’ve got a significant gap to close in not a lot of time. I’m just starting to weigh what to change, and by how much. What’s sustainable? What will have the biggest impact? How much can I slack off? (…actually that was my first thought)

So, following a long absence from posting, after my EMBA sucked up all my spare time with study, I figured this self induced challenge was as good as reason as any to start writing again; part training diary, part sharing what I learn and what happens, but mostly whining as I panic and pull all the levers I can to avoid marathon pain, defeat and embarrassment: Diet, Sleep, Supplements, Training, etc… plus other random stuff of course.

More to come – Training Day 1: Nov 11, 2019