A Simple Start

Over the holidays it dawned on me that my writing is out of practice, brutally so. Jargon soaked emails, instant messaging, social media post captions and corporate PowerPoint slide packs haven’t really presented the opportunity to keep my skills sharp. However things evolved through 2020, life seems to have crowded out the opportunity for writing, whether it be creative or otherwise. Through this last year, aside from a [brilliantly written] letter from Santa to our kids, the only times I sat down with the sole purpose to write were either for University assignments or my day-job (e.g. e-mail correspondence, deliverables, etc).

So, motivated in part by some New Years’ resolutions, now seems like a good time to recreate this blog. It’ll be much more simple than before, focused on sharing what I’m working on or what I’m thinking.

A fitting place to start, to exercise my atrophied writing muscle. More to come 😉

#HappyNewYear 🥳 #BringOn2021